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Written by The Monster Coupon Book on Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Driving around Myrtle Beach, you’ll notice tons of miniature golf courses. With so many to options, it’s hard to choose which ones to pick to play. But when you pick up a Monster Coupon Book, you can save big on five courses and create your miniature golf tour along the Grand Strand. You can try out Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf, Dragon’s Lair Fantasy Golf, Jungle Safari Mini Golf, Jurassic Golf, and Shipwreck Island!

Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf
Location: 2205 N Kings HWY, Myrtle Beach
You’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into Neverland at this Peter Pan inspired miniature golf course. From experiencing the enchanted island and putting through the dangerous skull cave, to saving Tinkerbell and boarding Captain Hook’s ship – the adventures are endless! So grab your putter and favorite color ball and get ready to step into a world where you’ll feel like a kid again.

Dragon’s Lair Fantasy Golf
Location: Broadway at the Beach
There is a story that Dragon’s Lair used to be a beautiful castle located in the magic kingdom of Myrtleness that was ruled King Merrymount, who was a fair and good ruler. Then all of a sudden a terrible earthquake hit followed by burning fires and storms that flooded the castle. The town was terrified so King Merrymount called upon his magician Avalon to help protect the kingdom. Avalon brought a ferocious dragon to life, who now resides in the castle and whose duty is to guard the kingdom. You and your family will have fun stepping back in the Dark Ages and playing your way through this course that is scattered with cross bridges and streams. You’ll get to wander through castles and caves and even step onboard the Viking ship! But beware because at some point during your game you’ll come face-to-face with the fire-breathing dragon, Sir Alfred himself.

Jungle Safari Mini Golf
Location: US-17 Business & 71st Avenue, Myrtle Beach
Welcome to the Jungle! This miniature golf course will have you feeling like you’ve been transported to Africa on a true Jungle Safari filled with exotic animals. Hold on to your putter because this course can get wild as you encounter giraffes, elephants, zebras and other African animals. Try to stay focused as you play your way through the course trying to become the “King of Jungle” Safari golf.

Jurassic Golf
Location: 2900 S Kings HWY, Myrtle Beach
Just when you thought the dinosaurs were extinct – you’ll stumble on a bunch of them at this mini golf course! This miniature golf course is surrounded by large, ferocious animals that lived during the Jurassic period. Although a flaming asteroid was known to have destroyed the landscape and water supply, causing the volcanic eruptions and a poisonous substance that brought about the demise of the dinosaurs, somehow this tiny area remained untouched. Get your camera ready and watch your back as you’re going to see a dilophosaurus, a ceratopsian, a raptor and even the scary T-Rex all while playing your way through this Jurassic themed course!

Shipwreck Island Adventure Golf
Location: 3301 S Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach
The beach is known to get an occasional afternoon thunderstorm, but there was a recent storm that came off the Atlantic Ocean that caused a lot of trouble for one boat, The Myrtle Maiden. The high seas and howling winds caused the boat to run aground right off of the coast of Myrtle Beach. Now the crew is now stranded on an uninhabited island and the boat is stuck on a reef surrounded by sharks. The island is safe, so you’ll be able to enjoy its tropical beauty, as you will wander around waterfalls, cross over streams and smell gorgeous flowers. And as you putt, keep your eyes open for the missing treasure chest that hasn’t been found since the Myrtle Maiden wrecked!

Once you’ve mastered all these fun-themed miniature golf courses, try your hand at the Cane Patch Par 3 Golf & Driving Range or the Midway Par 3! And don’t forget to use your coupon from the Monster Coupon Book to save on all of these courses! Now all you need is a guaranteed hole-in-one!

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