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110 9th Ave N,
Myrtle Beach, SC, 29577

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THE BOWERY – The 8th Wonder of the World! Established in 1944, THE BOWERY has been entertaining millions of patrons from around the world with genuine southern hospitality while live bands play requests from the stage and waiters serve ice-cold beer by the fist-full. “Scuba” Osborne holds the record carrying 34 mugs without a tray! Over the years our featured performers have included April May who danced on the ceiling, Bouncin’ Betty  “The 300 Pound Go-Go-Girl,” Count Desmond the world famous sword swallower, and “Don’t Cry Joe” Shotkus who poured beer at THE BOWERY from the day it opened until he passed in 1997. In the 1930’s Joe and his sister Mary set a marathon dancing record of 5,295 hours (7 months, 10 days, 15 hours) that still stands. In his younger days Joe delighted Bowery audiences by being packed in a coffin full of ice for as long as an hour.
THE BOWERY’S house band from 1973 -1980 was Country Supergroup ALABAMA. Band members often drop in to visit with old friends, and in 2013 returned to THE BOWERY stage to play for fans and family kicking off their “Back To The Bowery!” Reunion Tour.
Serving great food and ice-cold drinks, DUFFY’S TAVERN at THE BOWERY is where you’ll find everyone from everywhere having a great time. THE BOWERY prides itself on being pretty much the same, year to year, decade to decade, which sustains its popularity, and helps it live up to its motto Ya’ Can’t Beat Fun!


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