Build-A-Bear Workshop

Written by The Monster Coupon Book on Thursday, February 23, 2017

There’s a place in Broadway at the Beach where you can build your own stuffed animal and help bring your new furry friend to life. Before you pick out a friend to build, make sure to grab your Monster Coupon Book and the very first page is a coupon to receive $5 off your purchase of $25 or more.

Stepping into the store, you’re surrounded by endless possibilities of friends – from your classic teddy bears to cats, dogs, bunnies and numerous characters from popular children’s movies and television shows. Rows and rows of stuffed animals to choose from, this definitely might be the toughest part of the process.

After you’ve selected the unstuffed animal you wish to bring to life, there is an option to add a voice with the Build-A-Sound® message. If you’re making a furry friend for a present, this is the perfect opportunity to personalize your gift by recording a message in your own voice of saying anything from “Congratulations”, “Happy Birthday” to a simple “I Love You”. This sound message is a way to add that extra personal touch so every time they squeeze their stuffed animal you gave them, they’ll think of you.

Whether or not you’ve decided to add the Build-A-Sound® message, it’s time to choose a heart. This is something that is unique to Build-A-Bear and a very important part of the process. There is a particular routine that you’re instructed to follow that includes rubbing your hands together with the heart in the middle – which warms the heart, making a wish and then placing the heart inside your unstuffed animal. Once the heart is “full of love”, it’s time to add the stuffing.

There are two huge machines in the middle of the store with white fluff that looks like snow swirling around like tornadoes. The white stuff floating around the machines is the stuffing – and that’s the fun part of the process. You get to help the Bear Builder™ fill your unstuffed animal by stepping on the peddle – and watch as your new friend goes from a limp ball of fur to fully stuffed in a matter of seconds! Once it’s full of fluff, the Bear Builder™ stitches it up and it’s now officially a stuffed animal you can play with and cherish.

And the fun doesn’t stop there! Afterwards you can select various accessories to go along with your new friend. This is where you can use your imagination to make your new furry friend one-of-a-kind. You can pick out clothes for it to wear, food to eat, and even a fancy new leash to take it on walks. You can purchase as many accessories as you wish – as there are tons of outfits from which to choose.

After you’re done accessorizing, it’s time to go to the one of the computers and create a Birth Certificate. On the computer, you can put your information and the name and birthday of your new stuffed animal. This is also where your new friend will be registered in the Find-A-Bear® ID tracking system – just in case it ever gets lost and needs help finding its way back home to you.

And make sure when you go to pay for your new stuffed animal that you don’t forget to use the coupon in your Monster Coupon Book. And the fun doesn’t stop once you’re new friend is made – you can go online and visit to download apps, games and much more!

So head over to Broadway at the Beach today and have fun creating a new furry friend!

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